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Often times tenants looking to rent a home in Wellington Florida are unsure of when to start their rental search.  A majority of tenants contact me 30-90 days prior to when they actually have to move usually because they need to give their current landlord a 30-60 day notice.

Wellington Rental Search When to StartHowever 92% of the homes for rent in Wellington right now are looking for occupancy within the next 15 days and most landlords won?t hold a property for more than 15 days, so I recommend tenants start their Wellington rental search no more than 30 days prior to their move date.

Occasionally I?ve come across a Wellington landlord that will hold a property for up to 30 days for the ?right? tenant, but that is extremely rare.  In fact most Wellington landlords would rather keep their home empty for those 30-60 days hoping another tenant will come along as opposed to being tied to a guaranteed tenant 30-60 days down the road.

If you are one of those tenants that needs to give your current landlord a 30-60 day notice be prepared to have an overlap in rent because there is a strong possibility you might have to pay for your current rental and your new rental at the same time.

Here is a quick peak at the current rental inventory in Wellington Florida for unfurnished annual rentals, including condos, villas, townhomes and single family homes.  You will notice that 67% of the homes for rent in Wellington are available NOW.

Homes for Rent in Wellington Availability
If you are wondering when to start your Wellington FL rental search I recommend finding a Wellington Rental Agent 45 days prior to your move and start looking 30 days out.

Do you need help finding a home for rent in Wellington FL.  Fill out our online Rental Questionnaire and we will send you a list of rentals that meet your needs.  You can also read more about Tips and Expectations when renting a home in Wellington Florida.

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